Monday, October 31, 2011

practice moving with stealth

With dry crackling leaves underfoot, and muddy spots perfect for tracking, this week get out, practice moving quietly through the landscape, and tune your senses to the animal world.

Below are just two easy & fun ways to practice "fox-walking" and moving quietly and invisibly.

Go outside with someone - start with one person turning their back, while the other attempts to "stalk" up on them and tap them on the shoulder. The "prey" person can raise their hand if they hear the "predator" stalking up on them.

Next, have one person try closing their eyes or lowering their head to "browse", then suddenly open their eyes (or pick up their head) and see if they notice the "predator" moving toward them. Truly stealthy predators move so softly, and are so aware of their prey, that if the deer picks its head up, it won't even see the hunter moving.

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