Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10th Annual Primitive Pursuits Family Field Day

On May 14, an estimated 400 people gathered at 4-H Acres for our 10th annual family field day.

The event was designed to teach children and adults skills in wilderness survival and outdoor living, while also offering environmental education.

Suzanne Johnson who volunteers at Primitive Pursuits said she values the program because it offers a close connection with nature, more so than hiking. Johnson said she finds hiking "wonderful and beautiful" but sees primitive skills as providing a connection that is "potentially so much deeper."

Andrew Acla brought his son Ammon to the festival after reading about the event in The Ithaca Journal. Acla sees primitive skills as a logical progression of camping adeptness.

Acla said he saw the field day as a a departure from "being so reliant on things that you can walk into the store and buy."

The day's events encouraged participants to strengthen their connection with the natural world. Activities ranged from friction fire making and tomahawk throwing to wild-edible food preparation, forest ecology walks and wilderness games.

"I think Primitive Pursuits Day is awesome because it's a great way for people to be introduced to [primitive skills]," Johnson said.

Primitive Pursuits is currently gearing up for summer camp season. Please visit our summer camp registration page for more information. Click here!

Ammon Acla gets a spark while practicing friction fire making

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